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Prj2Make-Sharp for Linux and Windows

What is prj2make-sharp?

This is a Mono/GTK# application that runs on Linux and Windows. Today, prj2make-sharp can read a solution file (*.sln) produced with Visual Studio .NET and generate a makefile suitable for compilation with mcs.exe or csc.exe. The resulting makefiles can be tuned for Windows (nmake.exe) and *NIX (gmake).


Basic Information


  • Runs on Linux and MS Windows
  • Can genrate makefiles for gmake and/or nmake
  • UI written with 100% GTK# (no glade)

System Requirements

  • Linux
    • Tested on SuSE 9.0 and RedHat 9.0
    • Tested using Mono 0.31 (available here)
  • Windows
    • Tested on MS Windows 2000 Pro and Server
    • Mono 0.30 (available here)
    • GTK# 0.17 (available here)
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Last modified Mar 29, 2004